Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August loggin in

31Aug05-Wed - meeting @ Hopedale, Shauna-lee stays over
30Aug05-Tues -
29Aug05-Mon- Jason & Joy for dinner, Paperwork, catch up, Crux, B-unit, september
28Aug05-Sun- BofB, FBH, MIC meeting, evening service, open house meeting
27Aug05-Sat- Crux plan, Jones wedding
25Aug05-Thurs - drive
24Aug05-Wed - 3AM leave PEI, arrive 5PM at Dallaire's in Chicoutimi
23Aug05-Tues - Wheel alignment, dinner with grandparents
22Aug05-Mon - Ger fix brakes, dinner with Amanda & Joel
21Aug05-Sun - BofB, FBH, lunch at Matt & Leah's, Victoria Rowe, ET, stay over at Matt & Leah's
12Aug-21Aug - Seed sowers, our team + veronica gave out around 2000 texts
12Aug05-Fri - 3AM leave for PEI, arrive 9PM
11Aug05-Thurs-Bridlegrove leaders meeting, pick up linda from airport (Linda, Veronica, Mike & Jeanette, Saju & Andrea stay over)
10Aug05-Wed - prayer meeting

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