Saturday, January 01, 2005

Tsunami Video

I had purposefully avoided posting about the Tsunami in Asia because of how close to home it hit with us. There is a large Sri Lankan community here in Toronto and we are in touch with many of them in Agincourt.

* 2 weeks ago I preached at the Sri Lankan Youth group here in Agincourt
* Matthan is a young man from Sri Lanka, who attends Bridlegrove. He was planning a visit over Christmas but had to postpone.
* "Daily Needs" & "Sunrise" serve up Sri Lankan food at the strip mall within a stones throw of Bridlegrove Chapel.

Also another reason I've stayed away from the Tsunami coverage is that like most people I get caught scouring the internet for hours hunting for videos of the event to try and grasp it's magnitude. When my friend Martin Crozier was here for the timothy conference we started searching and ever since I have been consumed.
Here are some of the best:

Here are sites each with list of all tsunami videos:
e) - click here -

Pray for families, that they would turn to God in this time of horror and loss.

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