Saturday, January 08, 2005

Loggin in - First week of 2005

Sun09Jan05- 9:30-BofB, FBH, bible study with veronica & mormons, veronica over, evening service at calvary chapel toronto
Sat08Jan05- shauna-lee over for dinner
Fri07Jan05- 2-6 office, 6:30-10 youth group, 36 kids @youth (5 new), drive clayon/ashley home
Thurs06Jan05- 10AM - read to daycare kids, 11:30-12:30 lunch with clayon, 1-5 office, 7PM home bible study with Mag/Der & Channa (channa over till 1AM)
Wed05Jan05-Prayer day (9AM prayer with ladies. Prayer with elders. Prayer in library. Invited for dinner at Jason & Eder Tremblays)
Tues04Jan05-Family day in Kitchener(play with kids, date with Hayley)
Mon03Jan05-Day off. Visit Kitchener. Invited for dinner at Sean & Sarah MacDonalds in Cambridge.
Sun02Jan05-Sunday - 9:30BofB, FBH, promote retreat. Invited out for lunch with Judy Ramberan & Lynne Bartlett. Hayley to evening meeting, Shawn home with kids.
Sat01Jan05-Happy New year!
Fri31Dec04- 10 people over (Clayon, Jordan, Kevin, Jamoy, L & Teese, Anthony, Jen, Andrea, Luke). Attended event at chapel.

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