Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tsunami video update

Got an email from Terry today. Seems he surfed onto the athensblog from all the way down under in Australia! I'm not sure if he knows Dave from Sydney, or Mike & Sarah in Brisbane but nonetheless he saw my post on Tsunami videos and wanted to use them in a very cool way. Here's some of the email:
Greetings Shawn,
I am a News Journalist & Christian in Australia and was lucky enough to stumble across the video footage you have on your website of the Tsunami disaster. I would like to download some of it & show it to Churches in my local area (and I guess further afield if it so develops) during our appeals. Baptist Churches in Australia have a fundraising appeal going at the moment & this would help focus people's attention of how big this whole thing is.

Thanks heaps & keep up the good work.

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Aust.
Terry, it sounds like you are the one doing the good work :) God bless you all the way down there. I'll post some new Tsunami video's I've found on the net that show "how big this whole thing is". I'll be updating this post throughout the day so check back often for the latest:

1. THIS is a very nice compilation to music - i would highly recommend using it. It requires a program called Torrent- HERE - which is a bit tricky, but I gaurantee this video will make people weep. Very stirring.

2. Click here for original Tsunami video post. Some of the links have expired.

3. Also Terry, might I recommend making a donation to a mission group that is helping in the region - Gospel for Asia. There site is - have 700 local Sri Lankan missionaries in the areas affected. The Red Cross has lots of money, and it's doubtful they will share the gospel, which is the real hope for these people.

4. Here's the latest Tsunami videos that I've found, country by country (alphabetically):

Old, but best, Indonesia Tsunami video (government employee):
First link, Second link, Third, Fourth, Fifth

New Indonesia Tsunami video (wedding photographer):
First Link, Second link, Third, Fourth,

New India Tsunami video :
Biggest wave of all videos

New Thailand Tsunami video :
Man swallowed up by wave

Links to Tsunami video on servers:

There you have it. Why do you think God allowed the Tsunami? I have a good friend (old roommate), Dan Pothaar, who's brother was in Thailand when the Tsunami hit and actually got swept out to sea but lived, unlike the 200,000 that weren't as fortunate. I can't wait to ask him some questions about what it felt like. Has anyone ever been in a scary situation with water? What's it like? Couldn't an all-loving God step in and stop something like this?
Also, if anyone knows another website with a Tsunami video for Terry, just post it below in the comments.

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