Friday, January 28, 2005


Tonight at youth group I'm starting an experiment. A long time back Hayley got me a book called "The Old Testament in Verse":
. There is a rhyme for every chapter of the Bible! Here's the synopsis:
A bird's-eye view of each Bible chapter as stated in the words of a poet."The work is unique in that it summarizes the contents of each Bible chapter in four-line stanza. This edition is published by Back to the Bible Broadcast by permission of the author." 100 pgs.
Check out Genesis chapter 1:
In the beginning God says, let there be:
Dry land and firmament, sunlight and sea,
Livestock and herbage to cover the land;
Then in the image of God He makes man.
Tonight what I'm going to do at youth group, for the devotion, is play a hip-hop beat - here - that my good man Phil Tremblay made for me, and rap for the kids. I'll go through the first 5 chapters of Genesis today. (If you don't know what our youth group is like, - click here - .) I think this has alot of potential, but why can I only do this on Friday night, why can't I rap on Sunday morning? Do you think this is a good way to reach the youth without compromising scriptural principles? Or do you think that it's a compromise? Am I using the worlds techniques? I have also opened up a topic in the forum to answer this question in-depth - click here.

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