Saturday, January 22, 2005

Some homeless people are just stupid...

I've worked alot with the homeless. I've helped at drop-ins and soup kitchens. I used to work right downtown Toronto near Union station and had lunch there every day with homeless guys. I've had homeless people stay with me. Once I even let a homeless guy sleep in my own bed.

I say all this because I was reading this article - click here - about our City Councillor Norm Kelly (Scarborough-Agincourt) saying the city needs to "get tough with people who refuse to leave the street" and go to nice, warm, available, free beds on nights when there is a cold weather alert (-20 or so). This week during a cold weather alert, the city had 97 beds available and only 21 were used.

I have a suggestion. If the homeless won't leave the street in the freezing cold, to go to warm beds in shelters that they know about, then just tape them down to the sidewalk. If you can't get them moving, keep them still. Then they'll freeze to death and there will be no more homeless problem. Simple. They're doing it to themselves anyway, by staying out there in the freezing cold, why not give them a helping hand?

(Hayley made me put a disclaimer here that I do not really wish homeless people would die, I am simply showing how absurd it is that they wouldn't take help to save their lives.)

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