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Matthew chapter 24: Earthquakes on the rise

While I am not predicting a date for the end of the world, I am seeing more and more evidence to suggest that the Bible is accurate and predicts things happening in the "last days".

For example: Matthew 24 says "you will hear of earthquakes in various places".
Many people say "there have been earthquakes for centuries, so what".

Well according to this Christian site earthquakes are on the rise:

Earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 or greater or ones that caused fatalities, injuries or substantial damage.

1980 there were 66 of the above.
1981 there were 45 of the above.
1982 there were 56 of the above. Notice few were bad with lives lost.
1983 there were 71 of the above again with few serious enough to cause loss of lives.
1984 there were 50 of the above but again some were major with magnitudes reaching 7 plus.
1985 there were 67 of the above with a major quake of almost around 8 mag with At least 9,500 people were killed, about 30,000 were injured, more than 100,000 people were left homeless, and severe damage was caused in parts of Mexico City and in several states of central Mexico.
1986 there were 60 of the above but with a few reaching 7 plus magnitude.
1987 there were 71 of the above.
1988 there were 56 of the above but with a few reaching the 7 plus mark again.
1989 there were 58 of the above but with a few reaching the 7 mark or close again.

1990 there were 72 of the above with still many reaching 7 or close.
1991 there were 62 of the above but with quite a few well into the 7 magnitudes.
1992 there were 68 but says that October through December to be recomputed. Many 7.0 pluses.
1993 there were record 83 so far and many were also late 6.0 to 7.0 plus magnitudes.
1994 there were 75 but with more Notable North American Earthquakes than in the past.
1995 there were 95 odd earthquakes, hard counting them all so might have been one or two out, but youll agree a record so far and many were well over the 7.0 plus magnitude.
1996 there were 77 earthquakes of the 6 plus magnitude and in fact there were many 7.0 plus and an 8.1 as well IRIAN JAYA REGION, INDONESIA which killed at least 108 and injured 423 with over 5,000 homes destroyed and 58 people missing also.
1997 there were a record 97 quakes of over 6.0 plus with one nearing the 8.0 mark.
1998 there were 81 odd quakes with with odd few near or just in the 7.0 mark.
1999 there were 83 quakes with quite a few reaching over the 7.0 plus towards 8 mark.

I will now calculate the averages for the 1980s and then the 1990s.
1980s are 60 average a year there for 600 in total.
1990s are 79.3 average a year there for 793 odd quakes.

The increase therefore is obvious during the 1990s the average quakes in the world of over 6.5 or greater were an increase on the 1980s of 19 more each year.

In 2000 the number was 87 quakes that year and few late 7.0 pluses and odd 8.0 even.
In 2001 there were only 72 quakes of over 6.5 magnitude but there was an over 8.0 plus that near the coast of Peru killed 74 people of which 26 were in the tsunami. (79.50 average so far, year on year. this decade.)
In 2002 there were 85 quakes again of which some were well over the 7.0 mark. (81.33 year average so far.)
In 2003 there were 89 quakes my prediction of more and worse was correct, just. (83.25 year average this decade.)
In 2004 there were 91 quakes see:- (So yet again up by two. This includes the massive Asian one that caused such a loss of life, mag 9.0 and the 7.1 one. Now climbs to 84.80 average a year.)

In conclusion so far since 1980 anyway the increase in earthquakes has been significant, year on year since 2001.

In the 5 years so far it can be calculated out that the figure now is 84.80 average a year for earthquakes this decade, if this continues once again that is up on the 1990's of 79.3.

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