Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lukas at Sick Kids Hospital

This is a picture of Lukas in the hospital in 2003

Update: The Pediatrician called today and said we had an appointment at Sick Kids on February 3rd for the barium x-ray.

*Update - Hayley took Lukas to the pediatrician today and he is scheduled for a barium x-ray next week. What is that? The doctor also said "if it is what I think it is he'll need surgery".

*Update - Hayley arrived back home at 3:30AM. For the 4th time the doctors couldn't find a problem. At least this time we got the doctors phone number from Sick Kids to call when it happens again. They were going to do an ultrasound on the appendix, but they only do ultrasounds during business hours. How stupid is that?

Hayley just left to take Lukas to Sick Kids Hospital. It's about 12:15AM and he was throwing up and complaining about pain in his lower right abdominal area. This is the 4th time he has had this happen in the last 6 months. Every other trip to the Hospital was inconclusive about wether he had apendicitis, so the people at telehealth told us to take him to Sick Kids. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Has anyone had appendix problems before? What's it like? Is 3 years old too young to remove it? What else could it be?

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