Friday, January 07, 2005

2004 - The Year of Noah's ark

The recent Tsunami got me thinking about Noah's ark. We were discussing it with Maggie & Derek tonight at our bible study and they told me about a chinese site they found with pictures of where the ark is located, high in the mountains of Turkey. I did a search for "Satellite Pictures of Noah's ark and found some very interesting things. It seems 2004 was the year Noah's ark made a comback in a big way, thanks to new satelitte photographs.

1. In April 2004 - National Geographic, MSNBC, and
The Gaurdian all report on new satellite pictures of Mount Arrarat (the mountain where Noah's ark came to rest after the flood - click here). The new pics prompt a search team to ask the Turkish government for permission to search the area. Keep in mind that the ark has been up there about 4000 years so it's under a bit of snow. However, you will see by the articles that Turkey had an unusually warm summer and it melted some of the snow away from the ark.
2. Then in a September 2004 - this Honolulu News article- reports how the Turkish government rejected the teams request. Hmmm...hiding something?
3. Check out these pictures of the mountains where the ark is - click here
3. Also check Noahsarksearch for more info and post comments if you know of any developments in this story since September.

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