Friday, July 14, 2006

Video of the week - v1 Sylas sings!!

Well folks, when the Florida team was here I discovered! What a site! It's an online community of video sharing that rocks. You can upload loads of videos so I created an account and started uploading! So far I've got 33 online, and believe me, there will be many, many more! So as an outlet for my new addiction I wanted to start a new feature on the blog.

Ladies and gentleman...introducing the athensBLOG "Video of the week"! This feature may happen every Friday, I just haven't decided yet. This feature will allow me to post video updates of our ministry, our kids, our travels, and soon we will be posting videos of our time in Greece. Glory!

So each week I will select a video, upload it to YouTube and display it here to the glee of my faithful readers. To start off I thought I'd let you all hear how wonderfully musically talented Sylas is becoming. Here is our first installment of the athensBLOG "Video of the week" - Sylas sings!!

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