Saturday, July 22, 2006

The passport saga continues...

Well it's Saturday afternoon and the plot is getting thick here in the Olivia passport saga. She doesn't seem to frazzled about it, but mom & dad sure are stressin over this one. Thankfully my good friend Matt Cook posted an exhortation about not worrying on his blog - here so that has been quite comforting. Let's see how God works this one out!

Here's the situation:

1) Olivia's birth certificate and our plane tickets were sent "priority" from Toronto to PEI on Thursday with the "gaurantee" that they would arrive on Friday by 5PM. Well it's Saturday at 5PM and there is no sign of the package and all Canada Post employees have the weekend off.

2) If we ever actually get this package on Monday we'll have to boot it over to Fredricton to the passport office to beg and plead for an emergency same-day passport. We'll also have to cough up about a hundred bucks along with the begging and pleading.

3) If the package doesn't come on Monday...well...we're in some serious trouble. The friend that mailed the stuff to us was leaving for San Diego that same day and, upon calling the hotel he's staying at, found out that he didn't have the tracking number with him. Joy. Has anyone ever been able to track a package without the tracking number?

4) If the package does come on Monday we might just be OK, but if nothing shows up then we have a serious dillema. One option we had thought of was me going to Greece and Hayley staying at home. That wouldn't be desireable but then at least we wouldn't lose out completely on our tickets. Oh ya, that's another thing, since the package has our plane tickets in them, we'd have to try to get replacement tickets. Does anyone have experience getting replacement tickets or switching tickets at the last minute?

We'll keep you posted! Please keep praying!

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