Thursday, July 20, 2006

The PEI posse

Went out tonight with some folks I used to work with. I promised them I'd post up this video, in hopes that they would send me the picture of me licking the plate. I think tonight was the beginning of my plate-licking career. Perhaps I'll make a hobby of licking plates at famous restuarants or with famous people.

As for the passport issue, things may have gone from bad to worse. We spent way too much time on the phone today with several government people. We will need to go to Fredricton to get an emergency passport, however there is an error in Olivia's birth certificate so we may be in big trouble. A friend has express posted the birth certificate to us here in PEI, hopefully it arrives tomorrow and hopefully the mistake isn't going to keep us from getting a passport. If we can't go to Greece, does anybody else want to make use of the plane tickets?? :)

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