Sunday, July 23, 2006

God cares about my mail?

Thank you everyone for praying about the passport situation! God is good. Here's an update of what went down today:

1) This morning we went to worship at Charlottetown Bible Chapel. I love that place. It's so down-home-how-ya-doin-friendly and very supportive and encouraging to us. Got to see lots of people, including Bud & Phyllis Anderson, the legendary Dan Frew tribe, and John McKim was the speaker! It was a really good church day. Very refreshing.

2) Jacques Boisvert mentioned our Greece trip after the Breaking of Bread, encouraging the folks to "McPray" for us each time they see a McDonalds :) A few people asked about the trip and so we asked them to pray about the passport situation.

3) After church we didn't have any plans, but Carson & Sarah Younker wanted to hang out so we invited them over for lunch.

4) During the conversation at lunch Hayley remembered that both Carson & Sarah used to work for Canada Post!! It was like an epiphany as we asked them every question we hadn't gotten an answer for. We asked about how we could find out where the package was without having our tracking number and they weren't sure but told us to call Andrew (their brother-in-law) who just happens to be a MANAGER at Canada Post!! Bonus!

5) We called Andrew, who told us that the sorting plant employees got started sorting the weekend's mail at 4PM, and actually gave us some contacts so we could go over and sort through the mail!! How sweet is that?

6) Hayley trucked it over to the sorting plant for 3:50PM just in time to see the first employee show up. She walked up and gave them the schpeel and they let her right in! Imagine that, getting let right in to the plant where they sort the mail.

7) Well the employee asked "What was the name" and Hayley said "Ger..." to which the employee said "Oh, Gerald MacLeod, it's right here". They didn't even check for ID or anything!! Hayley opened it up and indeed we now have Olivia's birth certificate and the plane tickets!! No more rage against Canada Post and their "gaurantees"

Now the next stage of the amazing passport race has us travelling to Fredriction, New Brunswick where we will need to be at the passport office at 8:30AM..yes AM..meaning we leave PEI at 5AM. There are still no gaurantees we will even get the passport, however we have renewed confidence seeing that God made some amazing connections for us today that we didn't even know about so we could get our documents. So please keep praying that we can pull off the next leg of the race in Fredricton, as well as get home in time to catch our flight on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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