Thursday, July 06, 2006

Parenting 101 v8 - parking lot panic

When I am confronted with a difficult parenting situation, I'll put the issue out there to plumb the depths of the vast parenting knowledge of my beloved readers....Here is our eighth edition of Parenting 101.

Hayley here with todays Parenting 101! Yesterday I was at the grocery store, on my way back to the van with a full cart - Sylas in the front, Olivia in her infant car seat balanced on the back, and a weeks worth of groceries wedged in between the two. Upon reaching the van, I picked up Sylas to throw him in his seat when I noticed Olivia was gagging on someting- she has a bit of a cold so i thought maybe it was just that. Then I remembered that I hadn't unlocked the van yet so with Sylas in one hand, I'm fumbling in my bag with the other to locate the keys. Olivia was still making gagging noises so i gave up looking for the keys and turned my attention to her. She was choking on something- but what? I hadn't seen her put anything into her mouth. So I made a decision to put Sylas down (in the parking lot next to the van) and start fishing arround in Olivia's mouth. She had pulled a peice of plastic off a grocery bag and it was stuck in her throat!! At that point, Sylas took one look at me and ran in the other direction across the parking lot!! The decision I was faced with was: A) help 7 month old daughter who is choking on a plastic bag or B) chace 2 1/2 year old son who is running into parking lot traffic.

What would you do?

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