Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday's Hot topics - Bill Gothard

Last week I attended the Bill Gothard Seminar here in Toronto. I like alot of what he had to say and there were loads of notes and applications I made. On the whole I think Gothard is right on with alot of conflict, character and....concilliation (I would have said recon-cilliation, but I needed that last C word).

Others however have taken stronger stances. Some worship him as a guru or prophet, believing everything he says, right down to his teaching about how many days after giving birth that parents can...err...try again let's say.

While that is one extreme of almost worshiping everything he says, the other extreme are those who throw out everything he says as too right-wing-ultra-conservative-authoritarian. Either that or they see those who worship him and think something must be up.

There has been a few pages of discussion - here - on the forum about our brother Bill and his teachings/seminar/institute. What are your thoughts? Does Mr. G go to far? Or is he right on and people just need to get with the program? Have you attended a seminar? Let us know your thoughts on the forum

ps. We are leaving at 5AM for PEI!! I will be posting a few videos of the glorious red sands so stay tuned.

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