Monday, July 17, 2006

PEI trip - day 1 - driving, driving and more driving

Proof that McLobster lives! I didn't ask where it went, but ladies and gentlemen "it's back". I took this picture tonight while we were stopped in Moncton for gas. I haven't tried the McLobster yet, not sure if I ever will. Hayley tried it and said it was gross and overpriced. I'll take her word for it.

Today was a simple day. Drive.Stop.Gas.Drive.Stop.Eat.Gas.Drive.Stop.Gas and so on. There really wasn't anything eventful about the trip, other than the fact that we pulled it off in about 16.5 hours which is very good time for a family of 5.

For the last week or so we've been hyping Lukas & Sylas up about their "sleepover" with Grammy & Grampy (ie: Hayley's parents are taking the kids while we are in Greece). This strategy has worked pretty good and the guys were really excited as we approached the legendary Confederation Bridge. When I told Lukas that the bridge was the longest in the world he said "Like the CN tower is the tallest in the world". Here's a video of Lukas and Sylas' reaction as we went over the bridge! It's a bit dark so you might have to squint to see those cute faces illuminated by the infared light (Olivia was sleeping in the back):

More tomorrow from PEI McLobster headquarters!

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