Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wednesday prayer requests - the broken hearted

Jesus' mandate was to "bind the brokenhearted". Today someone sent me a poem that expresses some of the pain associated with a broken heart. As you read this, pray for someone you know that has a broken heart. Think about sending them this poem to show them that it's OK to mourn and hurt and heal.
When the heart
Is cut or cracked or broken
Do not clutch it
Let the wound lie open

Let the wind
From the good old sea blow in
To bathe the wound with salt
And let it sting

Let a stray dog lick it
Let a bird lean in the hole and sing
A simple song like a tiny bell
And let it ring
(by Leunig)
May our ears be attentive to the song of the broken hearts all around us.

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