Thursday, January 11, 2007

Howdy y'all from the South!!

Just blogging here in Atlanta, Georgia!! I'm here at 'The Urban Forum' with people from around North America who are hacking it out in the ghetto for Jesus. The conference is being held at the Salvation Army conference center/seminary - more details and bio's on the speakers at the 614 blog.

The cool thing about being here is that everyone is living/working in the inner-city. It is the first conference I've been at where people don't look at me and say "you live where?? oh dear, that's dangerous". It's quite refreshing to hear from others, wether they've worked in AIDS hospitals in South Africa (my room mate Doug), homeless shelters, ex-muslims who are now following Jesus, etc. etc.

Yesterday we went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial/Museum - click here for pictures which was quite moving. It was appauling to see pictures of the way blacks were treated as recent as 50 years ago. As a group we said prayers of repentance and reconcilliation. It was also sad to think that today hidden tones of racism and segregation still exist within society and even the church. Tonight we are going to hear from Shane Claiborne of "The Simple Way" - Right now it's supper time so I'll catch ya later.

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