Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In Montreal : The Windshiled wiper that got me this room

I'm typing this from a hotel room in Montreal. Got nice and stranded waiting for a flight today. It was my best airplane day ever. Let's review:

1. Flight at 10AM = cancelled
2. Flight at 1PM = cancelled
3. Flight at 3PM = cancelled because windshield wiper is broken on plane.
4. Flight at 4PM = line up and wait to see if name called....full
5. Flight at 5PM = finally boarded, then hear "Sorry the pilots will be one hour late please get off the plane". Get off. Wait. Board at 6PM. Wait. Announcement. Wait. Pilots arrive. Wait. De-ice. Wait. On runway. Take off at 8:15PM. Arrive in Montreal at 9:15PM. Miss connecting flight to PEI. Book flight next day at 3PM to PEI. Get free room at Ramada because of that little windshield wiper.

Did you know that if your flight is cancelled because of "weather" Air Canada won't pay for your room? I was pretty upset about that (considering I had waited, oh all day, for my flight only to be told that I had to pay for a room), so I went to the customer service desk and since my 3PM flight was cancelled for "mechanical" reasons I got a room. So here I am. 1AM. Blogging. Hopefully I'll get on my 3PM flight to PEI tomrrow.

So to review:
1) Weather delays = no room
2) Mechanical delays = free room & meal vouchers!

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