Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Choosing Bible over bling in Toronto

A month ago I reported on the "hip hop church" phenomenon sweeping the inner-city in the United States. I sent the article to my friend ROCK (see CRUX video) and then the next day the Toronto Star called him about doing a similar story about hip-hop churches in Toronto!! (no connection just freaky coincidence)

After the interview ROCK sent me this link to the article:
a movement to redefine musical styles often associated with drugs and violence, and bring the word of God to youth.
By Leslie Scrivener
December 24, 2006...

Stephan Wright, whose stage name is R.O.C.K. (Representative of Christ the King) is a youth pastor at Bramalea Christian Fellowship Church, and uses hip hop in almost every service. He's practical and knows that most young people aren't interested in listening to earnest sermons early on Sunday morning – so youth services are in the evenings, often on Fridays.

"Events like this are entertaining and fun, but there is a message behind it," says Wright. One of the messages is that God is in everything. "After the music stops they are encouraged to live a life for Jesus, instead of day to day."
Looks like rapping for Jesus is here to stay...and coming to a town near you!

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