Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random ministry pics/video

I was back at Bridlegrove today, missing all my little homies. Sadly I didn't see any of them there. Here's a picture from a much happier time in the summer of 2006. Also a video of the same day in church:
I did have a great time with the young people who were there! They were asking about those funny guys with name tage called Mormons. What they believe, what they don't believe, who Joseph Smith was, how Mormonism is a cult and different from biblical Christianity. I left the young people with a challenge and so I thought I'd put it out there to you to - > Order a Mormom.
To your house, to someone you love. Give a Mormon missionary a challenge. Show them that you know your stuff. Click here to visit the website and sign up to have two friendly folks with name tags arrive at your front door. I dare you. Lemme know if you take the challenge and how it turns out.

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