Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saddam Hussein hanging video

Has everyone seen the Saddam Hussein execution video yet - click here? I sat and watched it with the family on New Years eve and it just seemed so odd and rushed. Hayley's grandpa, who is 99, could still remember the last hanging in PEI.

I got to thinking "Why exactly did Saddam Hussein receive the death penalty"? The official reason given is:
the murder of 148 people, torture of women and children and the illegal arrest of 399 others.
Is it just me, or does it seem a little strange that the US is not going after other dictators? If the issue is "crimes against humanity" (which are horrific, that's not the issue) then why isn't the US dive-bombing North Korea right now? Why didn't they do jack in Rawanda? Seems like the US just likes to pick and choose which dictators are a "threat". The whole execution of Saddam smacks of retaliation - considering Saddam was best buds with Rumsfeld in the 80's. Maybe Bush knew he had weapons of mass destruction because the US gave them to him to fight Iran! I haven't really done my homework on this, but it seems that there are more people dying in Iraq today than when Saddam was around. Or at least that's what THIS coffin maker is saying - click here
Before the war, we were making about two or maximum three coffins a day for people who had died from diseases or car accidents. But today we make at least 20 a day for victims of the violence....
I remember a day, some four months ago, when I and my colleague had to make 50 coffins. Soon there will be no more places here in the cemetery to bury so many bodies...
It is very sad to see Iraq like this today. I hope that my children one day will live in a better country without violence but in a country filled with happiness and dignity."
So let me get this straight, there were no weapons of mass destruction, Saddam still got the death penalty, and violence is now rampant and bordering on civil war. Seem strange to anyone?

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