Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday - Church, church and more church!

Today's agenda was simple. Church, church and more church! We went to 4 church services today and as you can see from Tyler's smiling face it was awesome baby! While some may have commented that they had "never gone to church this much in their life", I know deep down they loved it.

First, in the morning we split up the team. Half to Leaside Bible Chapel and half to Bridlegrove. After that we took the team to a place they had never been before....Swiss Chalet!!. In the afternoon we headed down to 614 Regent Park to see what an inner-city church-plant is like as well as experience the "incarnational" model that drives their ministry philosophy. We then bolted back to Bridlegrove for the evening service. At the end of the day one person was heard saying "it was like taking a drink from a fire-hose". All in all it was a good day and a good pace-setter for the rest of the week. Tomorrow and Tuesday, the team will be at Sanctuary so hopefully I'll get somebodies pictures of their adventures!

Day 1 pics - here
Day 1 video:

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