Saturday, June 24, 2006

At the 100th Floridian

Well the group from Florida is here! We will be hosting a team from Neptune Baptist Church (near Jacksonville Florida) for the next week. They will be taking in many aspects of our multicultural city and helping those of us who live here to reach out. Tonight Dave S. gave an overview of the City of Toronto, the most multicultural city in the world. After that we chatted for a while before the team went to their billets for the night.

If anyone would like to join us at any time over the next week, our schedule looks like this:

Monday, Tuesday - Helping at Sanctuary
Wednesday - Muslim day, mosque visit, Thorncliffe
Thursday - Hindu Temple, Sikh Temple, Street Preaching
Friday - Door to Door evangelism around Bridlegrove

If you're near Toronto why not come down for a day, or if you have time you can tag along for the whole week! I'll try to post pictures and reports each day but no garauntees. Also don't forget to pray for God to impress on people's hearts the needs in this city and around the world. Buckle your seat belts for a "crazy" week:

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