Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday's hot topics - Life changing confession

Have you ever had something happen to you that drastically changed your life? Something that made you "see the light" and change an area of your life you knew was keeping you down. How about kicking an old habit?

Mark P (moderator of the "hot topics" area on the forum) recently spilled the beans about an experience he had while he was a teenager, that helped him give up drugs for good:
Thinking it would be cool I decided to turn on the video camera and press record for the night to see what we all were up to. After the usual moment of fame that we all felt we began to act normal or at least as normal as you could given the amount of booze or weed you had. Any who, within a few minutes there I was, centre frame, just lying on the floor acting like a complete idiot. I was making no sense at all, just almost noises but not making any sensible words. It was soooo stupid to look at and something that I think was very beneficial for me to see. It was that experience that made me decided never to do a drug again.
How about you? Has anything happened in your life that caused a drastic change? Share it on the forum - here and maybe it could help others.

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