Friday, June 30, 2006

Florida finale

Day 6 pics

Well today was the last day of our Toronto Mission trip adventure. It started out fairly relaxed. The team came up for a tour around Bridlegrove with our main man Wally Lee. After that we visited Arnie at MATE/FCC and heard about all the work they have done in over 40 countries in the world. For lunch we just grabbed Subway and headed back to the chapel, where we waited for Gary Weeks to give us the lowdown on going door-to-door in the area around Bridlegrove.

When he arrived, he gave us some pointers about personal evangelism, then we split up into teams of 2 with seed-sowers packets and chapel info. It was a really good time and a number of good contacts where made. By then it was about 5PM and we ate some McDonalds before heading down for a nice evening at a Blue Jays game.

While we were there (way up in the 500 section) our "Vampire" Cookie spotted one of the announcers. He jumped up and asked the guy if he could get on the JumboTron and as you can see below got his 15 seconds of fame:

It was a great way to end a great trip. Thanks to everyone who helped and for the team for spending some time serving God in our neck of the vineyard. Hopefully we'll see them, or other groups in the near future!

Here is an index of the trip:

Day1 - Church x 4
Day2 & 3 - Sanctuary homeless minitries
Day4 - Muslim day
Day5 - Hindu, Sikh, Street evangelism
Day6 - Bridlegrove, Door-to-door, Jays
Day7 - Niagra Falls, home

Videos -

**UPDATE**Here is an awesome video of the trip by Kristy

**Update 2** Here are links to some of the folks who came on the trip:

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Becca - click here
Melissa - click here
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Neptune Baptist Church, Neptune, Florida

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