Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Today was Muslim day, and Oh what a day it was. Click here for pictures of the day. We started at 9AM at Leaside Bible Chapel with an overview of the muslim world. After that my friend Abu Bakr came in to challenge us about the differences between Christianity and Islam. Things got a bit heated as folks began to challenge him on some of the differences between our faiths:

Thankfully, things ended well with Abu and we departed for lunch. I had promised the team that they would enjoy the glory of the Falafel, a food they had never eaten. After driving around for over an hour and almost killing Stacie with my "u-turn of death", we pulled in to the all-you-can-eat Halal buffet near McCowan & Nugget for some eastern quisine. Even though there was more bone than chicken the crew loved the goodness of multicultural food. We had to hurry out of there though because we were booked for a tour of the Islamic foundation mosque (Markham & Nugget).

The tour was good, and we got free Quaran's, which the team found helpful later when we talked to a guy named Rashid...but Ashia can tell you all about that one :)

Finally we toured through Thornclifffe and to end the night were doused with a heavy downpour as we retreated to our cars! More tomorrow!

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