Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday prayer requests - Good news from Good news!

Recently a supporter asked me to send them prayer requests so they could pray for our family and ministry daily. Wow! We seriously appreciate prayer. And daily prayer - oh baby! I thought the best way to get prayer requests out "real time" would be to post a new feature every Wednesday called.....Prayer Requests.

Ya, I know it doesn't have a flashy title, but it does get the idea across, and Wednesday is the universal day of mid-week prayer meeting (sorry for you tuesday nighters). We need to pray. Pray for each other, our world, those less fortunate. I will be posting my prayer requests for the prayer warriors that support us, and if you have a prayer request, post it in the comments, or in the forum prayer section! The prayer will get flowing, people will get connected, God will enjoy the dialogue and He will get to show more of his goodness to us little people. :) Sweet system I tell ya.

Now to break with tradition right out of the gate, the first edition of "prayer requests" isn't even about me. Talk about a hypocrite. But hey it's 1AM and I just got off the phone with a friend from the Good News On the Move team (GNOM for short) down in Louisiana! I'm pumped! I posted a bit of how our discussion went here

So pray for GNOM, Give to GNOM, keep updated on GNOM on the discussion forum - here. Good things are happening and these guys need our prayers! Click here for more prayer requests

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