Sunday, January 01, 2006

January loggin in

01Jan06- Sun - FBH - (3)Clayons mom, dad, christoff. 6:30 movie at chapel
02Jan06- Mon - paperwork
03Jan06- Tues- Matt & Leah to airport, date with HP
04Jan06- Wed - office, lunch with roidzee, fix car
05Jan06- thurs-
06Jan06- fri -
07Jan06- sat -
08Jan06- sun - BofB, FBH
09Jan05- mon -
10Jan05- tues- zoo
11Jan05- wed - hayley's parents leave
12Jan06- thurs-office, 50 tracts@MAC
13Jan06- fri - 20@youth
14Jan06- sat - scott grieve farewell
15Jan06- sun - FBH with 9(Clayon, mom, dad, christoff, deshawn, malcolm, trayvon, tatiana, cookie), 5 over for lunch, 4 to CE @ Leadide
16Jan06- mon - paperwork, toronto mission planning for florida group
17Jan06- tues-
18Jan06- wed - office
19Jan06- thurs-read to daycare kids, 50 tracts @ MAC
20Jan06- fri - 50 tracts @ LAM, 25@youth
21Jan06- sat - Mens Fellowship, help george with sign
22Jan06- sun - BofB, FBH with 2 (Jamoy, cookie), CE@Leaside with 3 (Jamoy, Kevin, Cookie)
23Jan06- mon - paperwork catch up, election
24Jan06- tues-zoo, date w HP, chester le prayer
25Jan06- wed - prayer
26Jan06- thurs-read to daycare, meet norm K
27Jan06- fri - 28@youth
28Jan06- Sat - solemn assembly
29Jan06- Sun - UAC for Bruce Wilkinson, Fish's for lunch, CE Leaside with 5
30Jan06- Mon -
31Jan06- Tues- 3 over for lunch

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