Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday's Hot Topics - Divorce

Well it's Monday again. Back to work. Back to school. Need somethin to get your heart pumpin? Here are this weeks Hot Topics!

Now, seeing as I didn't even get to bed till 1:30AM and was up about 3 times before Sylas finally woke me up for good at 7, I'm keeping this edition of "hot topics" to just one. But don't worry, it's a good one! As promised I'm adding this to the list of "hot topics" on the left margin.

This past week, there was an interesting exchange on the the discussion forum involving an old topic about divorce and remarriage. The previous debate was about wether divorce is allowed for Christians. I had taken a fairly hard stance, stating that divorce is not an option and making reference to the biblical story of Hosea and the picture of Christ and his church (Bride) to back up my point, when Michelle entered the discussion and rocked our socks off! What makes this an even more interesting topic is that Hayley and I actually attended Michelle's wedding! Here's what she said:
I am divorced...I figured either I got out of this marriage or he would kill me or I would commit suicide. I feel no remorse for my decision to leave him. Any God who would want me to stay in that situation is no God for me. For those who believe divorce is not an option what would you tell someone like me who came to you for counsel?
Now that is a hot topic! What would you say to Michelle? What do you think about divorce?

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