Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Parenting 101 v3 - the upchuck

Does anyone remember those "garbage pail kids" cards from the 80's? They were a play on the "cabbage patch kid" phenomenon and had pictures of kids with disgusting names. One of them was called "Up-Chuck", as in Charles. Anyway, that's the mental picture I got as I woke at 3:50AM to hear my daughter completely emptying her stomach all over my wife, bed, pillow, blankets, etc.etc. What is a parent to do when a newborn so completely soils everything when they barf? It ensures that sleep time has ended for the night, as everything needs to be mopped up before going back to sleep. After changing sheets, I'm now completely awake at 4AM! Does anyone have any good newborn barfing stories or advice on how to deal with this night-altering event?

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