Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 - Hot year - Hot topics

Well Happy New Year! 2006 is here and you may have noticed I've been fiddling around with a few things on the left margin here on the athensBLOG. I've started an "athensBLOG features" list and consolidated alot of links so folks don't get lost in the long list. Most of the stuff from the athens2004 olympic missions trip has been archived and I'm still experimenting with other stuff, because basically I have no html or web skills and I'm not very good with a bow-staff. If it wasn't for Paul Roides and Matt Wilks, the experience would look a lot like Len Carolan's site.

One of the new features I've added is a "Hot forum topics" feature, which links to some of the discussions currently taking place on the forum. I'll update these every Monday, unless of course I'm overcome by a mountain of diapers.

Last weeks hot topics were: - Who are you voting for? ; - Evolution; - Brethren beliefs; - Are people born gay?; - Should I attend Catholic celebrations?; - Shower daily?

This week's hot topics: - Sexual abuse stats, - Early Church System?, - Meet Imran! , - "Brand name" game , - Who does Esther look like?

There must be something in there you'd like to argue about, so get to it! 2006 may be the year of Mozart, Museums, and Malicious Malware, but it's also the year of the athensBLOG!! In 2005 we went from a little blog about a little trip, to a discussion forum that reaches around the world, to now a wiki that attempts to do what no other website has done, document the history of every brethren assembly on earth. Bill Yeo may be right that we're biting off more than we can chew...but man it's fun chewing with all of you :) Thanks to all the 40,000 or so readers who browsed, clicked, commented and posted in 2005! All the best in 2006!

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