Friday, February 04, 2005

Loggin in

01Feb05- tues -
02Feb05- wed - prayer
03Feb05 thurs-Lukas to Sick kids, al fixing basement shower, snells over, derek over, wayne stay overnight
04Feb05- fri - 100 tracts at MAC, meet with Ted, Ted & Kelly for dinner, youth group (19),
05Feb05- Russ, dave's wedding
06Feb05- sun - BofB, FBH, event - superbowl party with clayon,kevin
07Feb05 - Mark & Cassie over for birthday party
08Feb05 - Hayley visit Stacie Oatley Willis
09Feb05 - wed - 10AM - prayer with elders, 12-4 prayer, 4-6 office, 6-8 home, 8-10 prayer meeting - wed - drive kevin home after prayer meeting
10Feb05 - thurs - 10AM - read stories to kids, (hayley at anila's from 10-2PM)
11Feb05 - Fri - clayon, sabah, dominique,sabrina over before youth, 21 kids at youth (3 new) - preached from Genesis 6-10; clayon, sabah over after; drive sabah, clayon, kevin, alpha home
12Feb05-Sat - Sat - Jason Tremblay over. Argentina dinner. O'neils stay over night.
13Feb05-Sun - BofB, FBH, invited for lunch at Edward & Annas. Pack for Israel
14Feb05-Mon - Pack for Israel. Pick up Michelle at airport. Michelle over night.
15Feb05-Tues- Lukas doc appointment. Airport. Fly to Israel

15Feb05-23Feb04 --> Israel - details - click here

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