Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Loggin in - end of January

Jan 1-10 - HERE -

Wed12Jan05-Prayer day (9AM prayer with ladies. Prayer with elders. Prayer in library. Evening prayer meeting) 10AM-10:30PM
Thur13Jan05-Hayley sick
Fri14Jan05-kids sick
Sat15Jan05-recover (J&Eder over for dinner)
Wed19Jan05-3AM Lukas at sick kids
Fri21Jan05-Melissa arrives from BC. Wedding shower for dave & gen
Sat22Jan05-snowed in
Sun23Jan05-9:30-1PM services at BBC, 1-5:30 Jake & Catherine Martin over for dinner, 6:30 evening meeting.
Mon24Jan05-on phone all day (phil w, jason v, bill y, etc.)
Wed26Jan05-Prayer at the chapel. Pye takes me out for lunch at swiss chalet
Thur27Jan05- Read to daycare, israel plan, ebenji plan - invited out for lunch with scott/nigel. Maggie & Derek over for home study.
Fri28Jan05- invited out for lunch with Doyle, 6 kids @ youth group.
Sat29Jan05- SGC, hayley at chapel 12-3, melissa to airport, joy stays overnight.
Sun30Jan05- BofB, FBH (chairman), invited for dinner@Fish's, blurb on Argentina @ MBC evening
Mon31Jan05- Lukas at doctor

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