Saturday, February 19, 2005

Day 4 - Dead sea swimmin

Day 4 - pics: CLICK HERE
Day 4 - report: CLICK HERE
Day 4 - summary below:

Well today was a little less packed, but still just as rewarding! We started off swimming in the dead sea, slathering ourselves with mud, climbing Masada and roaming around Quamran.

The dead sea scrolls are quite fascinating, however what i found even more fascinating is the description of the life of the "essenses" who where a first centure sect of Judaism. There communal system is VERY similar to what I've read of John Wesleys' system and so no doubt I will be launched into an all out search for their life and customs. I believe this is the key to reviving the church in North America - a return to community. The essenses had it, Wesley had it, Alcoholics anonymous had it. A community simply gathered to worship "the name" (Hashem). Now whatever popped into your head when you read that last sentence - erase it. What I mean is actual community, not sitting in peu's, not one hour on sunday, not one day a week. Complete life commitment. These essense had an amazing communal life and so I can only hope that God allows me to study more about them.

As for the picture of the day below, I was thinking of Gerry MacLeod when I took this picture, because me and him both know that this picture is the only time in my life I will ever have a beard like him :)

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