Thursday, February 17, 2005

Day 2 - Old school Jersalem

Day 2 - pics: CLICK HERE
Day 2 - report: CLICK HERE
Day 2 - summary below:

After ariving last night at the ripe old hour of 5AM, I uploaded the days pics and decided to get 2 hours of sleep before trudging around Jerusalem ALL DAY. Thankfully my new airwalks are warn in by now.

Gerald was my bunk buddy and woke me up at 8AM with his best rendition of a chain-saw.

The day was as packed full as a day in Jerusalem could be. The highlight for me would be walking through a cohort of Jewish soldiers...and then another...and then another. We found out the women are actually allowed to fight in the Israeli army, albeit limited, however they pretty much train ALL the soldiers. Must be that mother instinct :)

The garden of gethsemane was very powerful as well. Way too much to take in. I only pray that this would spark a life-long interest in this area of the world.

As a side note, here is a picture of the Al Italia slogan "keep your head up":
. Can anyone tell me what that means? Why would an airline encourage passengers to keep alert? Are they expecting to crash?

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