Friday, July 30, 2004

What will we be doing - volume 1

It works in Canada, pray it works the same in Greece!

Some of you have been asking "what exactly will you be doing over in Greece".
The short answer is talking to as many people as we can about Jesus. Sometimes one-on-one, sometimes in groups. Sometimes preaching in the open air, sometimes praying on a park bench. As Colossians 4:5 says we will seek to "make the most of every opportunity".

Here is an example of how we'll do it. Today my wonderful wifey Hayley bought a massive bubble blower super sword at Toys R Us:

The idea was to simply test out a big bubble blower to see how big the bubbles were and see if it would make sense to take one with us to Greece to draw a crowd of children, along with face paint and balloon animals. Basically it was just a test run. So after dinner we were out on the front lawn blowing bubbles, much to the delight of Lukas and Sylas.

However what we did not anticipate is that the neighbourhood kids would think this such an intersting event! What we hoped would happen in Greece happened right on our front lawn!!! First it was Tien, then mindy, then paula one of the neighbourhood moms, then the lady across the street! All stopping to chat and watch as the kids jumped to try and pop the bubbles. We met neighbours we had never met before and got to share the gospel with them as we told them what we would be using the bubble wand for in Greece!!! Praise God who gives us opportunities right under our noses, let's use every one we get!!

Of course this is Canada and so if we get to Greece and the bubble trick doesn't work, we can always use the bubbles to catch the kids in:

Any other ideas for things to do to draw a crowd? Click on comments and let us know!

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