Friday, July 30, 2004

New Team members

Just found out today that we have 2 new team member on the Cuthill team for Operation Gideo...i mean Gideon ;) That brings out total up to 12.

Fokko & Tineke Feddes are from Holland and will be joining us on the Island of Evia along with their camper and Dutch accent! But...nnnoooo rrrreeeeealllllyyy.....Fokko is a legend in the missionary world. He has worked for many years with OM on their ships Doulos and Logos and was the captain of Hellenic Ministries' boat, The Morning Star for 3 years to train the current skipper Alex Macris:

Fokko & Tineke were on our team last year during campaign and will be a wonderful resource! Welcome to the team!
Anyone out there have any ideas for an initiation? :)

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