Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Post some comments! We will reply!

When we are over in Greece, the only way we can know that people are reading this site is if people post some "comments" on this site. "Where are these comments", you wonder "and how can I put some on your site?"  Glad you asked :)

Comments come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are questions like "where are you", some are encouragement like "we are praying", and some are simply observations.

Below each post you will see a little line that says something like:

# posted at 4:43 PM Comment (0)

If you click on the word "comments" a little window will pop up where you can actually type in a few "comments" that we can read. Click "post" and your comments will be forever logged in the pages of the athens blog! (this site) 

More importantly, you'll be keeping in touch with us and we can writecha right back!! What a deal. You ask, we answer. You post, we reply. It's like 24/7 online global customer service!

So what are you waiting for...try it right now!
click on the word "comment" directly below and give it a try!! :) 

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