Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Posting pics

Well, now that I know how to post pictures like this one: there is no stopping us!! We'll be able to post pictures of our athenian antics so you can get up to the minute reports of how we're doing. Pictures of Paul with his IPod, pictures of Veronica with her IPod, pictures of Channa singing, pictures of Danielle giving out bibles, pictures of Melanie on a train, pictures of Linda at the games, pictures of Len with his guitar , pictures of Shawn and Sylas , pictures of Hayley , pictures pictures hooray!

If only Tim Rogers (http://www.netrogers.com/timpt.html) was on our team :(
Oh well, i'll just post the tag line for posting pics here incase I forget:

(tag = < img src = " http : // www. something. com " > )

chow for now,

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