Monday, July 26, 2004

ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games

ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games

Just playin around today with the "blog this" feature on the google toolbar. Fun stuff. Got the new laptop up and running with Adobe Photoshop so our team graphic artist/blog specialist Paul can hook yous all up with some sweet images when we're overseas. I am constantly amazed at how much of a "team" player God is. All the different members of the "body of Christ" coming together at just the right times to fullfill his great commission. Some giving, some praying, some working on graphics, some blogging, some with digital cameras, some who can sing, some who can play guitar...on and on and on. He provides all the right people for the job and all we need to do is obey him and GO into all the world.  God can only work with willing hearts so I'm just really thankful today for those of you who have decided in some way to be part of the team.

Speaking of teams, the Toronto portion of the team did an outstanding job last night at Bridlegrove Bible Chapel ( presenting our trip. "The jacket of sin" went way better than i expected!
Good job guys!

Chow for now,

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