Friday, July 30, 2004

Olympic blog

Timmy McRogers found this Olympic blog while scouring the web. Looks like a pretty dry run down of the sporting side of the games. If you're so carnal as to actually watch the pagan festival feel free to read that site.
Actually, as I said to the kids at the daycamp, if you are gonna watch the Olympics, please pray for us every time you see a McDonalds commercial! Or any commercial! Just pray! We don't mind! Really! You can watch it! Go ahead, i'll never find out.

Seriously though, there are some Christians who feel that the Olympics is a pagan festival to worship the gods (which in fact is how it started out), but i'm not so sure if that's still the mentality today. What do you think?
Should Christians watch the Olympics? While we're on the topic, should christians watch TV at all?

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