Sunday, January 13, 2008

Videos of the week - More reasons to love Ron Paul

During the South Carolina Republican debate Ron Paul spoke the best one-liner of the entire campaign so far (5:30-5:58)
Paul: Let me see if I get this right. We need to borrow 10 Billion dollars from China and then we give it to Musharaff who's a military dictator who overthrew an elected government, then we go to war we lose all these lives promoting democracy in Iraq? I mean, what's going on here

Another great quote was when he smacked John McCain about the middle east - here - for McCain's quip about foreign policy (7:57-9:41):
Paul: So why don't we trade with everybody and talk with them (instead of endless wars), and then there's a greater incentive to work these (Middle East) problems out...

McCain (smiling like an idiot): I'm not interested in trading with Al Qaeda all they want to trade is Burqas. I don't want to travel with them they like one way tickets"

Paul: Can I answer that...that's what I've been talking about, we USED to support Saddam Husein and we USED to be allies with Osama Bin Laden!! What I want to do is stop that. Who's our friend one day turn out to be our enemies the next...the senator says we need to be in Iraq for 100 years if necessary...I say BRING EM HOME!

As a Christian I whole heartedly agree with Ron Paul. War is never right and the war in Iraq especially needs to end immediately. The troops need to return home and bases in the middle east closed so that the US can salvage what's left of their international reputation. That is the only way to reduce terrorism.

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