Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shenk & Shabir

One of the neat things about being in BC last week was that I got a chance to hear and meet Dr. David Shenk, one of the most respectful and thoughtful Christian scholars when it comes to Muslim/Christian dialogue. His book "A Muslim and a Christian in dialogue is used as a textbook in many places in the world as a platform for understanding between these two faiths. I saw him speak in Abbotsford and he spoke about his recent trip to Iran -click here- where he was an invited guest, asked to share the message of peace through Jesus with 1500 Mullahs as well as the President. I appreciate Shenk's respectful discussions with Muslims and his emphasis on the peace and forgiveness through Jesus.

I looked up his videos -here- when he had a dialogue with Shabir Ali. Check em out and see what I mean. I would encourage all Christians to clothe themselves with this attitude of peace when engaged in dialogue with Muslim friends.

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