Friday, February 16, 2007

What now?

Hopefully as you have been watching the videos of Matt & Ruth, God has been moving your heart to ask important questions like:

* Wow, when could I visit them?
* When could I move over there?
* What do Matt & Ruth need?
* I'm so far away, how can I help?

I've been asking the same questions and wanted to make a few suggestions:

1. Email them. Sounds funny but it was always amazing to see Matt's eyes light up when he got an email or comment on his blog from someone back home. Add him on facebook and leave a comment. Let them know they aren't forgotten.

2. Pray. Ask God to help them as they continue to adjust to life there as well as adjusting to parenting.

3. Give. As you can see from their house, Matt & Ruth are not enjoying many of the luxuries we have, so let's dig deep and send them some stuff to make life easier. Here's a brief list:

a) A personal little DVD player for Joseph would be excellent. Also, he's getting a bit tired of the Bollywood movies they let him watch so sending some kids videos would be great.
b) You can send them money via MSC.
c) Pictures. Matt & Ruth have a grand total of 4 pictures on their fridge.
d) Nothing too big. While I was there I was struck with the 'little things' that they needed, not big things like a dishwasher. One example would be Matt's mom who sent sandals for Joseph which was very special. Be creative.
e) A digital camera. Matt & Ruth would love to be able to take videos.


Matt & Ruth Cook
c/o Rev. Devraj Joseph
St. Peter's Church
M.A. Jinnah Rd
Sanghar, Sindh

4. Listen. I am scheduled to speak at a number of churches so if you'd like the complete, unedited version of the trip feel free to email me about a time to visit and share.

5. Visit. If you would like to visit Matt & Ruth I would like to go back and visit them, either this summer (easier for students) or in January 2008 (easier weather-wise). Let me know if you're interested in a group visit.

Hopefully Matt will also comment on this list, but let's get shakin people, God has blessed us over here in North America so we can give, not so we can get more stuff for ourselves!

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