Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday's hot topics - Homosexuality and the Church

One of the most awkward dialogues going on right now is between the gay community and the christian community...that is if it ever actually takes place. Many from both camps have deep rooted opinions about the other and many times sparks have flown. Recently on the forum a topic was started titled - Thoughts on Homosexuality and the Church:
I believe that people are "born" homosexual inasmuch as homosexuality is one of many outflowings of our sinful nature and total depravity. To explain and extend what I mean by this: One might rephrase the common by saying that, due to their sinful nature, they were "born" with a tendency to seek sexual fulfillment outside of the Biblically prescribed (and blessed) covenant heterosexual monogamy.
Later on the discussion heats up as church membership is discussed:
(Are you) suggesting that a church should accept into its membership persons who are overt (as opposed to "closet") practitioners of homoerotic behaviour, fornicating behaviour, adultery, pornography, etc.?
How should the church handle this? Should churches take a stand against homosexuals, or accept people into the church the way they are? Should churches accept gay members or not? Weigh in with your thoughts on homosexuality or how the church has handled the subject on the discussion forum - here

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