Friday, February 23, 2007

English is not the first language for 93% of the 1,571 students

My mom sent me this article about the elementary school Lukas will be going to in September - Thorncliffe Park Public School - the largest elementary school in North America!

For those who don't know yet, next week Hayley and I will be moving our family to an area of Toronto called Thorncliffe Park. This extremely diverse community is near the Ontario Science Center in Toronto's neighbourhood of East York.

The Toronto Sun article - here - goes on to highlight some of the demographics of the school in this amazing area:

1,571: Number of students (largest in North America)

1,453: Number of students whose primary language is not English (93%)

1,147: Number of Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 students (Lukas' friends)

47 countries represented

97% of the students live in highrise buidlings (we are moving into one of these)
Please pray for us as we make the move and connect with those in the neighbourhood! Click here to read the entire article

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