Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pakistan is not what you think

Sunday was the superbowl. No one here knew what that was. Nobody. Wasn't
even on the all-sports TV station (yes they have an all-sports station). The
Karachi bowling league got more coverage. Thinking of all the difference
between our countries Matt & I decided we are going to do an experminent:

We're going out on the streets of Pakistan with a camera asking people what
they think when they hear the word Canada and Christian.
After I get back I'll go out on the streets of Toronto and ask people what
they think of when they hear the word Pakistan and Muslim.
Should be *very* interesting.
I'd say that all my misconceptions about Pakistan have been obliterated by
this trip.

Terrorists? Nowhere.
Food? Amazing.
Restricted Freedoms? I preached at a church on Sunday
Muslims mean to white Christians? Always offering for us to sit in their
shops and buy us tea/pepsi and try out their English
Difficult place? Anyone could come over here to teach. Anyone.

Hopefully the videos
(http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=shawncuthilldotcom) are also helping
YOUR perceptions.

What do YOU think of when you hear the word Pakistan?

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