Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday prayer requests - OG2 on Greek TV nationwide!!

Got this email yesterday from the staff at Hellenic Ministries!Please pray that this would be a huge blessing, instead of a curse:
1. OG2 on TV nationwide - and the impact on those that saw the ALPHA TV channel last week. OG2, our beautiful color gift bags, and hardbound Bibles were splashed on the screen nationwide in a 'Good Morning Greece'- type program. A Cretan Orthodox Bishop took the opportunity to blast Hellenic Ministries and the Evangelical community in a slanted presentation against our work and us. We believe that their efforts to slam our alleged proselytism only worked in favor of advertising our Bible distribution as a noble cause! Even the Orthodox Theologian on the talk show refuted some of the angered Bishops points in our defense. The Orthodox Theologian went so far as to challenge the Orthodox Church to wake-up; he stated the following: "We must learn from them and get out where the people are and spread the light ourselves!" (plausible implication – we are in the dark!) He also corrected the Bishop reciting the Greek constitution when OG2 was under the hammer for proselytism. Sadly, the last words of the Theologan were a quote from St. Augustine – “There is no salvation outside the church!” We thank the Lord however for Dr. Katsarkas of Thessaloniki who spoke on defense of Hellenic Ministries and the Evangelical community in Greece via a telephone link. (Conveniently, the talk show organizers were careful not to stage any evangelicals in front of the camera.)
Keep praying for the follow up from the OG2 outreach!

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