Friday, August 04, 2006

The Chronicles of Kythnos - V1

Well well folks, it's another update starting with an apology for not posting more! :) Internet cafe's here on the Greek Island of Kythnos (2 hours south from the port of Pireas) are as about as reliable as the Jehovah's Witness translation of the Bible :) The monitor at the internet cafe here went down and I wasn't able to connect my laptop to upload pictures and videos. Now it's fixed and tonight I hope to try to connect so you can all see and hear how things are going.

Currently we are into our 2nd day of full-out evangelism here on the island. We have been entrusted with 512 bible packs and have had a great time distributing them throughout the island. Towns to pray for include Merixas, Chora, Kanala, Dyopida and Loutra.

Tonight we will be all travelling via our rental car to the town of Loutra where Len and Sarah had a great discussion with the skipper who runs the marina. Pray that we will get a chance to boldly share with him and many others who park their boats there. Pray that we would be able to get the packs of Bibles into the hands of Kythnonians (if that is a word). Pray for safety on these brutal and windy mountain roads. Everyone is still doing great, nothing major to report, however we still have until Monday for something to go wrong so please pray for us, as well as the other 30 teams who have spread out over these Greek Island to distribute all 30,000 Bibles in modern Greek! Pray that God would lead us to the right people! Thank you so much for your prayers so far. On behalf of the team - Noel, Len, Ger, Kelly, Danielle, Claire, Sara, Amy, Deb, Ruth, Hayley, Olivia and myself thank you for standing with us in prayer. More soon :)

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